7 Day Pack (Pulse Raw Food Only)

7 Day Pack (Pulse Raw Food Only)

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Did you know that in just 7 days you can teach your body to adapt to a new and healthier way of living? Our special 7 Day Detox is based on exactly this principle. Try out this food adventure and in just 7 days you’ll feel healthier, happier, and more vibrant throughout the day.

This cleanse will prepare your body perfectly for the absorption of all the goodness contained in Pulse RAW FOOD. Pulse RAW FOOD is our 100% natural, completely raw superfood that’s good for you in every way. Just nibble a bag of Pulse RAW FOOD a day until you finish the course and you’ll see just what we mean about a ‘new you’!


  • 3 x Original Pulse Raw Food 285g (10oz)
  • 2 x Mango Pulse Raw Food 285g (10oz)
  • 2 x Chocolate Pulse Raw Food 285g (10oz)

Or, simply choose the flavour quantities you prefer. 

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How Does it Work?

7 days is the ideal amount of time to pick up a new habit, so by sticking to the program until the end you will be teaching your body to adopt new and better practices, leading to positive long-term changes.

Get an Energy Boost!

If you’re feeling tired, worn down, lethargic, or simply not performing at your maximum ability, it’s almost certain that what you eat is the cause. It’s time to change this right now.

Taking our 7 Day Detox pack will give your mind and body a real boost by feeding you exactly what you need and nothing else. Every day of the course you will feel more alert, awake, and active. On top of that you’ll be helping to set a new habit that will last for life! 

Dates, Buckwheat, Raisins, Prunes, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds,Quinoa, Millet, Flaxseed (Linseed), Figs, Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Strawberries, Blueberries, Grape Seed Oil, Walnut Oil, Sea Salt,and Beet.

For flavors we add: Mango (for Mango Pulse RAW FOOD), Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder and Agave Nectar (for Chocolate Pulse RAW FOOD)


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