Heal Thy Self Bali

Heal Thy Self Bali

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A 30 day fully transformational, soul healing, + enlightening retreat in Bali, geared to transform and heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is no healing retreat like this on the planet.

You’ll Experience:

30 days of powerful deep healing, where you will be guided through 21 days of water fasting and working some of most profound healers on the planet incorporating all the healing modalities to aid in your healing, transformation and awakening.

From Tyler Tolman: Get ready to connect deep within, heal and expand your thinking and awareness to awaken to the potentials and possibilities of who you truly are.

From Chef Cynthia Louise: Teaches you how to introduce healthy nourishing healing foods into your life after the extended fast. Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

Who Is It For:

  • Looking to heal the root cause of ‘dis-ease’ rather than treating symptoms
  • People who are chronically ill, sick or in pain
  • Getting away from the modern medical system to heal
  • Seeking to experience a world class healing retreat
  • Ready to embrace alternative modalities of healing
  • Searching for higher meaning and truth within
  • Looking to experience extended water fasting under supervision
  • Find a true balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Wanting a life-defining experience that sets you on a new course


  • Feel a deep sense of peace within
  • Radiate with immense joy + gratitude for life
  • Gain clarity about the root cause of your dis-ease
  • Completely renew yourself physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually
  • Walk away with certainty on how to heal yourself
  • Experience an awakening of your soul
  • Feel completely transformed with a whole new perspective on life

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